Wisconsin lawmakers push for equal parking rights for disabled bikers

| November 11, 2013

Disabled bikers could soon start enjoying accessible parking privileges in Wisconsin. (Currently, eligible motorcyclists can’t be issued a disability placard or sticker like their counterparts who own four-wheeled vehicles.)

Senator Frank Lasee (R-DePere), who proposed a bill last week to give disabled bikers the same parking advantages as those who own a car, explains that many riders have the same disabilities that qualify others to receive an accessible parking placard or sticker. “There’s a variety of handicaps where you could ride a bike, but still need to be close to a building, for walking purposes,” he says.

If the bill is passed, eligible bikers will receive the familiar blue disabled tag. Meeting the set medical criteria confirms one’s eligibility for a handicap parking placard.

In his hope to get the bill approved by the end of this year, Lasee remarks, “2013 marks the 110th anniversary of Harley-Davidson and what a great time to fix this loophole in state law and give folks on motorcycles the same rights as anyone else.”

This is just one of the many steps Wisconsin lawmakers are taking this year to eliminate handicap parking disparity. State senator, Joe Leibham and supporters have proposed a bill that would “create a special license plate for motorcycles owned or leased by veterans with disabilities.” Under the current law, only certain types of vehicles qualify for a disabled veteran parking license plate. With the new bill (AB 25 / SB 16), motorcycles will also make the list.

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