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Standard Parking Permit Hang Tag: ToughTag™ Standard Rearview Mirror Hang Tag (Month and Year) (PP-0180-SEQ) Learn More...

Part# PP-0180-SEQ
Colors Red and Black
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Manage your parking year-by-year. Ensure that the permit is used for a set period by punching out the month and year of expiration on our TougTag material or circling the time period with a sharpie when using our thick HeftTag material.

  • Select starting number. All your permits will come sequentially numbered starting from the selected number.
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  • 5" x 3"
  • Heavy-Duty
  • ToughTag™
35 mil Should last 3+ years outside. Good water resistance. Limited outdoor life. Your permit can be moved from car-to-car. This is our best selling material. Aug 23
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  • Virtually indestructible. 35 mil thick plastic with embedded print.
  • Stays flat, even in bake-oven conditions of a car.
  • High gloss finish is easy to clean. Tags can be reused.
  • Cut-out fits over all rearview mirrors.
  • Our top selling parking tag material.
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Size:5" x 3"
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10 Tags/Pack
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