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Custom Parking Permit Mirror Decals (26385)

  • Reflective parking permit decals for mirrors
Mirror parking decals are right-sized for mirrors - and are proven to be car-tough! Too many decal competitors use shapes that are just too big. Mirror parking decals need to fit (and not fold over the front of the mirror) and they need to be conspicuous.
  • • Our innovative Reflective Permits use 3M materials can be spotted with a flashlight, even through the tinted portion of the window. Reflective stickers are also a great security feature - they are very, very hard to counterfeit.
  • • Easy-to-read stickers are available in different shapes. Choose a different shape for each permit year for quick authentication.
  • • Just upload your logo or add your property name. We'll create the art and send you a proof at no extra charge.
Mirror Hang Tags
Mirror Hang Tags
As an option, consider our parking permit tags that hang from a mirror. These handy tags are hard to miss.
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For use on your rear-view mirror.

Oval Shaped Mirror Parking Decals - 1½" x 2" (29748)

Diamond Shaped Mirror Parking Decals - 1½" (high) x 1¾" (left-to-right) (29749)

Circle Shaped Mirror Parking Decals - 1½" (diameter) (29750)

Square Shaped Mirror Parking Decals - 1.5" (29746)

Our square Mirror Parking decals feature rounded corners. These die-cut labels are harder to counterfeit than other labels. Many competitors do not die-cut their parking permits and merely "butt cut" them - leaving them insecure and open to counterfeiting.
Customer Reviews
Man User Icon
Jan 28, 2021

Mirror Decals > Square 1.5" : Mirror Decals - Design MD5
Part #: PP-3673 1.5" x 1.5" Reflective Decals   Verified Purchase

No Brainer for saving money

Simple, reflective, Low cost and sticky! The more you buy the less they cost. 500 costs less than 200! So happy I found this site.
Woman User Icon
Nov 19, 2020

Mirror Decals > Oval 1.5" x 2" : Mirror Decals - Design MD7
Part #: PP-3677 1.5" x 2" Reflective Decals   Verified Purchase

Better than expected

These decals came out better than I expected along with fast delivery.
Woman User Icon
Sep 21, 2020

Mirror Decals > Oval 1.5" x 2" : Mirror Decals - Design MD7L
Part #: PP-3679 1.5" x 2" Reflective Decals for the Inside of the Window (Removable Face Adhesive with Black Numbering)   Verified Purchase

Great Product and service

Great product. Will be testing them out shortly!
Man User Icon
Aug 13, 2020

Mirror Decals > Diamond : Mirror Decals - Design MD1
Part #: PP-3665 1.5" x 1.75" Reflective Decals   Verified Purchase

change in reflective product

This is a newer version of my previous product and the reflective quality looks different. We just received it so hard to tell if the quality is the same, worse or better.
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Jun 26, 2020

Mirror Decals > Oval 1.5" x 2" : Mirror Decals - Design MD7L
Part #: PP-3679 1.5" x 2" WindowCling™ Repositionable Decals (White) - Front Stick for Inside of Window   Verified Purchase

Good stuff

Easy to woodland with. Economical. Efficient.