Racetrack Shape – Parking Hang Tags (80806)

This is our favorite parking tag shape! Racetrack tags hang easily and allow you to show large numbers and a bold logo or property name. Find both custom templates as well as instock designs below.
  • • For our templates, just add text to the front and back, choose a starting number for sequential numbering, and select validity year to prevent reuse. We also offer the option of uploading your own design.
  • • Stock designs are made in large and extra large sizes. Some include pre-numbering for easy tracking.
  • • All designs are available in our premium ToughTag construction. Reflective is also available on certain designs.
Need a Special Shape?
Need a Special Shape?
No problem! Distinctive shapes get noticed and are affordable.
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This unique, oval shape is a best seller.

In-Stock Designs (extra large size: 9” tall x 3.75” wide) (96437)

In-Stock Designs (large size: 8” tall x 3.25” wide) (96438)

Choose a pre-set series of numbering (starting at A001, B001, etc.). The back of each tag has standard disclaimer language.

Racetrack Custom Parking Permits (medium size: 6” tall x 2.75” wide) (82535)

Custom Designs (large size: 8” tall x 3.25” wide) (82538)

Custom Designs (extra size: 9” tall x 3.75” wide) (96439)