Material Specifications for Parking Permits

Thirdicon Img Mirror Hang Tags for Parkign Permits
Firsticon Window Stickers for Parking Permits
The Toughest Parking Permit Materials on the Market
  • Durable Parking Tags
  • Reflective Parking Permits
  • Static Cling Parking Decals
  • Parking Permit Holograms
  • Cross Section
    Aluminum Parking Permit
Our quality cannot be beat. Here are a few examples:
  • ToughTag™-Embedded Printing
    The printing on our ToughTag™ parking tags is deeply embedded within a hefty 30 mil plastic. This is not a flimsy 20 mil thick plastic that bends in the sun or a lamination that can be picked apart.
  • ValueTag™ Parking Tags-Economical and durable
    Our ValueTag™ parking tags may be economical, but they outlast our competitors’ premium parking tags. These parking tags are almost impossible to tear.
  • AlumiGuard™ Permits -Printing sealed into aluminum
    Our AlumiGuard™ bumper sticker permits feature print that is sealed into the pores of the aluminum. The print is photographic and the same process that is used to identify naval ships. These parking stickers will outlast the car!
  • WindowCling™ Decals-Stay stuck but can be removed cleanly
    Our industry leading removable parking permit material has taken the industry by storm. Unlike the old static cling decal materials, our WindowCling™ decals “stay stuck”. Yet, they are cleanly removable (again and again and again). These crystal clear decals even stick on slightly dirty windows – the bane for most static cling decals.
  • Laser printable CleanCut Hang Tag sheets-Print your own
    Print your own permit hang tags using our laser printable CleanCut Hang Tag sheets. Your permits have a smooth edge, and not the jagged edges found on other laser printable permit sheets. These sheets have a special coating that brings out your that brings out your laser printed colors brilliantly.
  • Reflective Shine-a-Tags™ & Decals - make authentication easy.
    Just shine a flashlight - authentic passes reflect back (just like the driver's licenses or car registrations from many states). Order a reflective decal for the inside of your window. Innovative adhesive stays put, yet the permit can be removed after the expiration period without scraping.
  • Holograms for Increased Security
    Add a hologram to your hang tag or parking decal. Make sure that your permit is authentic. Hologram is embedded inside of your tag or decal.