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Parent Pick Up Tags

  • Parent pick up tag
Help children stay safe during the most hectic and dangerous time of the school day.
  • Parent Pick Up Tags are easy for teachers to spot and easy for parents to hang. Available in two sizes to choose from - 8" x 3.25" and 9" x 3.75". Enforce rules, keep cars moving safely and make everyone’s life less stressful.
  • • Credit-card thick plastic with embedded graphics takes abuse.
  • • Find both in-stock designs and easily customizable templates. Personalize with your school name or logo. Order as few as 24 personalized tags.
Student Parking Permits
Spot bold lettering from a distance with the toughest tags on the market, so your whole campus parking system easier to enforce.

Parent Pick Up Tags (8” x 3.25” & 9" x 3.75")

Find below our Parent Pick Up Tags. Available in an easy to handle 8" x 3.25" and a highly visible 9" x 3.75". Customize a design with your school name, logo, and color scheme. Choose our in-stock tag for an affordable option that ships fast!
Custom Parent Pickup Permit Hang Tag
8" x 3.25" (h x w)
Custom Parent Pick-up Racetrack Permit Hanging Tag
8" x 3.25" (h x w)
Custom Large Parent Pickup Racetrack Permit Hang Tag
9" x 3.75" (h x w)
Custom Parent Pickup Permit for Rear View Mirror
9" x 3.75" (h x w)
Parent Pickup Parking Permit Pass Hang Tag
8" x 3.25" (h x w)