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SmartPass™ High School Parking Permits

Organize that unruly High School parking lot by using High School Parking Permits. Finally! It's easy to take control of your busy school parking lot with a simple, easy-to-follow parking system. Use these durable, long-lasting High School Parking Permits that hang from a rearview mirror. These High School Parking Permits offer consecutive numbering, so each unique parking pass can be easily identified. Save time and give students priority with high school parking passes!
  • • SmartPass™ High School Parking Permits are the solution used by hundreds of our school customers. Bold designs make it easy to spot violators. Security features make it hard to counterfeit the pass. Super-tall, bold numbering is readable from a distance.
  • • Our art staff will even convert your logo to camera-ready art for your permit for free. Your designs are printed in full color at no extra charge.
  • • Our ToughTag™ parking hang tag material is ideal for your high school parking permit. ToughTags™ are more durable than any other tag on the market.
  • • For more information, visit our - School Parking Permits FAQs
Print Your Own Permits
Design online and download free PDF. Laser printable cards fit into clear vinyl holder pouch. Holders hang over rearview mirror.

High School Parking Permits 5" x 3"

Regulate your High School Parking lot while boosting school spirit with these fully-custom permit templates. Choose your school colors or upload your full-color school logo or mascot for added appeal. Use our sample templates below to get started on your own custom design!

Mini High School Parking Permits 3" x 2.75"

Get started with one of our mini handicapped permit templates below. At the next screen, customize your headlines, color schemes, select a starting number, and add text or a logo.

Horizontal High School Parking Permits 2" x 4.75"

Begin with one of our horizontal high school permit templates below. When you reach the next screen, you can change headlines, color schemes, select a starting number, and add your own logo or text.

Jumbo High School Parking Permits 7" x 3.5"

Add your school’s name, year, or semester of validity for the permits to any of these templates. You can do a lot of things with designing too.
Plastic ToughTags™ Parking Permits, Jumbo
Plastic ToughTags™ Parking Permits, Jumbo
Plastic ToughTags™ Parking Permits, Jumbo

Best-Selling High School Window Decals

Take a look at some of the most popular templates. For more designs, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I customize a School Parking Permit?


We make personalizing School Parking Permits extremely quick and easy with our user-friendly customization wizard. Begin by selecting a template from our standard, mini, horizontal, and jumbo permits, or pick one from our window decals range. Our wizard will then guide you on every step of the customization process.

It’s simple to add your text, select the colors for different elements, choose a graphic or add a logo, and enter your permit sequence starting number. Many of these templates also allow you to choose whether you want the backside of the permit to be blank or printed. The final step involves selecting the material and quantity, and you are done!

Watch this video to go through the steps of the customization process.

Q. What is the use of adding holograms to School Parking Permits?


Holograms are an effective security feature that makes permits virtually counterfeit-proof. Counterfeited School Parking Permits can pose all sorts of risks to the safety of students, staff, and faculty. Holograms show a checkerboard pattern if someone tries to misuse them and thus, make School Parking Permits rather secure. This video explains just how useful holograms are.

Q. Which are better – ToughTags or ValueTags?


There is no good or better when it comes to ToughTag and ValueTag School Parking Permits. Where ToughTag permits are our more premium offering made of 30 mil thick plastic and embedded print, ValueTag permits present a more affordable yet sufficiently durable option. ValueTag permits are made of 15 mil thick plastic and are digitally printed.

Q. Does it cost extra to add custom numbering to Parking Permits for schools?


Not at all! You may choose any number as the starting number for your permits, and we will ensure your permits are printed consecutively from your starting number up to your order quantity.

Q. How can I add specific instructions to my School Parking Permits?


Most of our custom School Parking Permits give you the option to choose if you want them to be single-side or double-side printed. While the front side is for details such as school name, header, logo, permit number, etc., the other side of the permit can be used to convey a variety of information. This may include your special instructions, safety guidelines, display guidance, and more.

Q. How do static cling School Parking Permit Window Decals work?


Static cling School Parking Permit Window Decals cling onto glass without adhesive and residue. One side of the decal is polarized and has a static charge that enables it to stick or cling to glass using the moisture in the air and on the glass. These decals are digitally printed in full color and easily transferred from one window to another.

Q. What are destructible Holographic School Window Decals?


Destructible Holographic School Window Decals are our specially designed Parking Permit Decals that break apart into tiny pieces once they have fully adhered and removal is attempted. These decals are made from destructible polyester with a sparkle finish that refracts light into a rainbow pattern. Installed outside the window, our destructible decals feature a holographic pattern that provides extra security and makes these decals hard to counterfeit and easy to authenticate.

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Aug 10, 2022

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Perfect Product for Student Drivers

Parking tags are perfect for students. The size does not interfere with driving view. The processing and delivery time was perfect - tags were received within 2 weeks after order was placed. SmartSign has excellent customer service. Thank you!!!