Handicap Parking Permits

Parking permits are meant to maintain the security of the vehicles and for better law and order. Handicap parking permits or disabled parking permits are for people with certain disability. Handicap parking permits are designed for the convenience of the physically disabled. Some facilities also issue Medical Parking Permits that are meant for people who have medical problems but are not disabled. The laws for handicap parking permits may differ from one place to the other.

One of the key factors that must be considered while parking the vehicle if one has a disability is to assure that the vehicle is parked near the destination area making the walking distance shortest. Also, handicap parking permit must be renewed and displayed according to the parking standards so that they are considered valid.

Handicap Parking Permits @ My Parking Permit

Handicap parking permits can be bought in different sizes from us, and you can even buy the best handicap parking signs as per your need. Handicap parking permits contain the standard Wheelchair picture. We offer both static cling and durable polyethylene handicap parking permits. When ordering handicap parking permits at My Parking Permit, you can select with or without pre-numbering. You can use a permanent pen to write in your serial number or tracking number. The polyethylene handicap parking permits are hang tags and can be moved from car to car easily.

Features of Parking Permits @ My Parking Permit

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Our Parking Permit Tags Materials

  • Window sticker: The window sticker parking permits can be simply stuck on the window for a clear visual of the information on it. The material used to make these window sticker parking permits are:

    • Laminated Polyester
    • Reflective Acrylic
    • Static Cling
    • Destructible Vinyl
    • Permanent Vinyl
    • Removable Vinyl
  • Parking Hang tags: The parking tags can be hung on the rear view mirror so that it can be visible as soon as you enter. The different parking tags made by us are:

    • Temporary Hang Tags made of Polyester
    • Reflective Hang Tags made of Polyethylene/Acrylic
    • Fluorescent Reflective Hang Tags made of Polyethylene/Acrylic
    • Heavy Duty Parking Tag made of Polyethylene

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