How to get a handicap parking permit in Washington, DC (District of Columbia)

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How to obtain a permit
Validity / expiration of permits
Lost, stolen, or damaged placards
Where to hang the placard

Who’s eligible?

An eligible candidate for a placard must be a DC resident and someone who

  • is missing a lower extremity;
  • is unable to walk without the aid of a motorized wheelchair;
  • has lost the use of one or both legs;
  • is severely disabled and unable to walk without a mechanical device, which includes a wheelchair, walker, crutch, cane, or long leg brace; or
  • suffers from a respiratory disease or ailment defined as: After consideration of the extent that the Aerial PO2 is less than 60 mmHg, the Forced Vital Capacity (“FVC”) is less than 50% of the predicted value, the Forced Expiratory Volume in one second (“FEV1”) is less than 40% of the predicted value and the FEV1/FVC is less than 40% of the actual value when measured in liters by a Spiro-meter based on predicted normal values for the individual’s sex, age, and height.
How to obtain a permit

Applicants wishing to receive temporary or long-term placards must complete a Disability Parking Placard and/or Tags Application, which includes a portion to be completed by a physician.

Those who need a placard for only one week must complete the One-Week Temporary Disability Parking Permit Application, which require no physician certification.

Either form is available online or at any DMV service center location, where completed forms can be dropped off. Applicants may also fax them to (202) 673-9908 or mail them to the following address:

ATTN: Disability Services
PO Box 90120
Washington, DC 20090

Disability parking placards are issued at no cost.

Validity/expiration of placards/permits

Long-term placards are valid for 8 years to coincide with the placard holder’s driver license or identification card. Temporary placards are valid for up to five years. Both expire on the last day of the month and year indicated on the placard.

All holders of disability parking permits additionally receive a receipt to have available for parking and law enforcement personnel.

Renewing your permit/placard

Long-term and temporary placards require the completion of a new Disability Parking Placard and/or Tag Application with a physician’s certification. Completed forms can be dropped off at any DMV service center location, faxed to (202) 673-9908, or mailed to the address listed above.

Applicants may also give someone else permission to renew their long-term parking placard. This can be done at any DMV service center, where designee must bring a copy of the applicant’s drivers license or identification card and a letter signed by applicant with them.

One-week temporary disability parking permits are not renewable within a one-year period.

Lost placard/replacement

Those who damage their placards can bring them into any DMV service center, along with a picture ID. Those who lose or have their placards stolen must file a police report and bring the report or the number issued with it, as well as a picture ID, to any DMV service center.

In all cases, replacement placards will be issued free of charge.

Where to hang the placard/permit

Placards/permits should be hung from the rear view mirror while the vehicle is parked in a space authorized for the disabled or if free meter parking is desired. They must be removed from the rear view mirror while the vehicle is in motion.


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Apply for Disability Parking Placards and Permits

Things You’ll Need

Applicable Fee: No charge
Computer with Internet Access: The application form can be obtained from the local DMV or printed online
Physician Certificate: Physician to certify disability in the application form
Mail Original Documents: Original application to be submitted in person or mailed


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