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Faculty Parking Permits: Frequently Asked Questions


A Faculty Parking Permit is a tag or sticker given to the faculty or staff members who are allowed to park in certain areas reserved for them in schools, universities, colleges, and other campuses. This system gives staff a more secure and confirmed parking and avail parking privileges. These permits help car park staff to ensure only valid faculty members are entitled to park their vehicles in the designated parking lot.


Color coding parking permits can help identify and differentiate a specific parking lot or type of permit from others. If there are more than one parking lots or parking zones, you can simply assign a specific color for its corresponding permit for quicker identification. Specific colors assigned for Faculty Parking Permits help differentiate them from other permits like student parking permits, employee parking permits, visitor parking permits, and more. Parking staff can identify the permit just by glancing at the permit from a distance. For example - if they see red on the permit, they will understand it is the faculty’s vehicle and if they see green, it is for students. Vehicles with the wrong color can be quickly spotted and cited.


1. Frequent renewals: If the parking authority requires frequent renewal of faculty permits, this can control the use of fake permits.
2. Expiration Date: Use expiration date on a Faculty Parking Permit to prevent its use after a valid period.
3. Sequential numbering: If you have a series that is unique to your faculty members, the parking enforcement staff will be able to identify fake permits. It’s easy to match the number on the permit with your records and ensure security.
4. Barcodes: 2D barcodes and QR codes are low-cost, difficult to forge, and easy to identify solutions.
5. Logos: It’s not very difficult, a company logo is difficult to imitate on the permit.
6. Hologram: From acting as a security label to features like tamper evidence and other custom solutions, they are one of the most cost-effective ways to deter fraudsters.


Finding a parking space can be stressful and distracting for any employee including the faculty. When the job involves being on your toes and running on a fixed schedule all day long, it is a blessing to find a reserved parking spot timely. A lot of Faculty Parking Permits ensure reserved parking for permit holders on the campus. Also, you can zap through the entry gate of the campus or parking lot because of the permit clearly displayed on the vehicle. Once the hassle of finding a parking spot in a scarce, time-restricted car park zone is eliminated, one can be more productive and concentrate on the core job. When there’s no need to check and move your car a number of times, there will be more peace of mind and this will automatically translate into better productivity. Parking permits make sure that the staff is not worried about parking tickets, breaking the flow of work, and wasting time on finding another parking spot.


Some of the common staff parking problems are:

Skewed Staff-Parking Ratio:

This is a very common problem with fewer parking spots as compared to the number of faculty. Faculty often have to arrive earlier than their shift timing just to grab a parking spot.

Empty Designated Parking:

When designated space-holders don’t come to work when they are on leave or are out of the campus for any meeting, their spots remain empty. This leads to animosity among staff who can’t understand why they can’t use spaces that seem to be empty all the time.

Congestion for Favorite Spot:

Everyone loves the spot that is closest to the building, class, or office. This keeps that spot busy and congested all the time, and creates an unnecessary ruckus.


While it depends on the organization, the “transportation department” or “parking service” of a university or school issues Faculty Parking Permits. Sometimes, the “Commute Coordinator” in the parking office is responsible for issuing Faculty Parking Permits. Many organizations are also using online software for faculty to apply for a permit.

Looking for Faculty Parking Permits?
Looking for Faculty Parking Permits?
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