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Parking Hang Tags: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Parking Hang Tags?


Parking Hang Tags are communication devices designed to simplify parking lot management. These aid in the identification of parking lot users and help prevent misuse. Parking Hang Tags can be designed specifically for individuals as well as user groups such as visitors, guests, clients, employees, shoppers, doctors, faculty, students, and so on. This helps in achieving a well-managed, well-organized parking area.

You may watch this video where we throw light on Parking Hang Tags and the many options that we offer these in.

Q. How are Parking Hang Tags useful?


Parking Hang Tags are useful in many ways, the most obvious being parking control. Hang tags help regulate who parks where and when, and make it easy to spot violators. These significantly simplify user identification and save the enforcement staff the time and effort that would otherwise be required to implement in-person identification.

Parking Hang Tags may be the most economical way to manage parking lots. These go a long way in preventing private/restricted-use parking areas from turning into public car parks. Additionally, these hang tags also communicate a facility’s commitment to safety and help win the trust of users.

Q. How do Parking Hang Tags compare with parking stickers?


Parking Hang Tags and Parking Stickers are both great ways to control who uses the lot and ensure safety in a parking facility. Parking Hang Tags are perfect when a flexible parking control option is desired, as with owners of more than one vehicle for instance. These hang tags can be removed and put back as desired. When a more permanent/fixed-in-place type of solution is desired, parking stickers may be the right choice. These limit the risk of getting misplaced but may not be the most flexible/reusable option.

Q. Can Parking Hang Tags be customized?


Yes, they can be. Custom Hang Tags are a popular choice among parking lot owners/managers for the immense possibilities they promise. These can be personalized with elements such as company name, user name, headers such as faculty, staff, guest, etc., instructions, prohibitions/restrictions, logos, and more. In this video, we present a step-by-step guide on creating custom Parking Hang Tags.

Q. How can counterfeiting of Parking Hang Tags be prevented? 


Counterfeited hang tags present a serious security threat. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent counterfeiting or at least make it extremely difficult to pull off. One of the most popular ways is adding a hologram to the tags. This can be in the form of holographic films that have 2D or 3D light refracting patterns or a unique micro-etched pattern. One may even use counterfeit deterrent Ink on the tags, which is a clear ink visible only upon illumination by a black light.

Micro-print is also an efficient way of preventing counterfeiting. It involves the use of tiny-size text that can only be seen when magnified and cannot be reproduced by just any copier or printer. Additionally, there are some simpler ways also, such as using unique shapes, colors, or fonts, adding logos, etc.

Looking for Parking Hang Tags?
Looking for Parking Hang Tags?
Distinctive designs, full-color printing, and sturdy plastic construction.