How to get a handicap parking permit in Oregon (OR)

Oregon handicapped parking sign with details of the penalty for offenders

Oregon handicapped parking sign with details of the penalty for offenders

How to obtain a permit
Validity / expiration of permits
Lost, stolen, or damaged placards
Where to hang the placard

Who’s eligible?

Persons with a disability are eligible for placards. According to ORS 801.387, “person with a disability” means someone who

  • has severely limited mobility because of paralysis or the loss of use of some or all legs or arms;
  • is affected by loss of vision or substantial loss of visual acuity or visual field beyond correction; or
  • who has any other disability that prevents the person from walking without the use of an assistive device or that causes him or her to be unable to walk more than 200 feet, including but not necessarily limited to chronic heart condition, emphysema, arthritis, rheumatism, ulcerative colitis, or related chronic bowel disorder.
How to obtain a permit

Applicants must

  • have a valid Oregon Driver License or an Identification Card to obtain a renewable, temporary duplicate (travel) or wheelchair permit; and
  • complete the Parking Permit for an Individual with a Disability application (Form 735-265), which must be signed by a licensed physician.

Those who qualify for a “no photo” parking identification card as certified by a physician, as well those seeking family or program disabled person parking permit, must mail the application to the address below. All others may drop it off at a DMV office or mail it to

DMV Driver Issuance Unit
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR 97314

There is no fee for a disabled person parking permit.

Validity/expiration of placards/permits

A renewable permit is valid until the expiration of the holder’s driver license or ID card. A temporary permit is valid for the length of time the physician deems necessary, not to exceed 6 months.

Renewing permits

Applicants must submit a new certificate of disability each time they wish to renew their permits.

Lost placard/replacement

To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged permit, contact the DMV.

Where to hang the placard/permit

When parked, hang the disabled person parking permit from the rearview mirror. If the vehicle does not have a rearview mirror, place the permit on the dashboard. Remove permit from rearview mirror before driving your vehicle.


Source URL

Information About Disabled Person Parking Permits from Oregon DOT


Things You’ll Need

Applicable Fee: No charge
Computer with Internet Access: Favorable but not mandatory
Physician Certificate: Physician to certify disability in the application form
Mail Original Documents: Original application to be submitted in person or by mail
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