How to get a handicap parking permit in Minnesota (MN)

Minnesota handicapped parking sign with details of the penalty for offenders

Minnesota handicapped parking sign with details of the penalty for offenders

How to obtain a permit
Validity / expiration of permits
Lost, stolen, or damaged placards
Where to hang the placard

Who’s eligible?

A person is eligible to receive a disabled parking placard if he or she

  • cannot walk 200 feet without stopping to rest;
  • uses portable oxygen;
  • has a cardiac condition to the extent that functional limitations are classified in severity according to the standards set by the American Heart Association;
  • has an artificial oxygen tension (PAO2) of less than 60 mm/Hg on room air at rest;
  • cannot walk without the aid of another person or device, e.g., wheelchair or cane;
  • has lost a leg or an arm or cannot use an artificial limb;
  • walking 200 feet would be life threatening; or
  • cannot walk without a significant risk of falling.
How to obtain a permit

The applicant must complete the Application for Disability Parking Certificate. The applicant completes its top section; a medical professional completes the remainder. The form can then be submitted to any Motor Vehicle Registrar’s office or by mail to the address listed on the form.


Permanent or  long-term disability certificates are free. Temporary and short-term certificates cost $5.00.

Validity/expiration of placards/permits

A permanent certificate is valid for 6 years; a long-term disability certificate is valid for 13 to 71 months. A temporary disability certificate is valid for 1 to 6 months; a short-certificate is valid for 7 to 12 months.

Renewing placards

Only permanent certificates are renewable. Renewal notices are mailed 30 days prior to the expiration date; for instance, if a certificate expires on June 30, then the renewal notice for it is mailed approximately May 30. The renewed certificates are mailed on the last week of the month of expiration.

Lost placard/replacement

To replace a lost or stolen certificate, applicants must complete Section A of the Application for Disability Parking Certificate. A fee may apply, and applicants may be asked to identify measures taken to prevent future losses. Applicants requesting a replacement for stolen certificates may be asked to provide a copy of the police report about the theft.

Where to hang the placard/permit

The disability certificate must never be hung from the rear view mirror when the vehicle is in motion.


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Disability Parking Fact Sheet


Things You’ll Need

Applicable Fee: $5.00 for a temporary placard
Computer with Internet Access: Favorable but not mandatory
Physician Certificate: Physician to certify disability in the application form
Mail Original Documents: Original application to be submitted in person or by mail
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