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Monthly Parking Passes: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do Monthly Parking Passes work?


Monthly Parking Passes are an effective way to regulate temporary parking users and achieve a well-managed parking facility. These passes display the month name that they are valid for, often along with the name and details of the issuing company/organization. Parking managers may simply look at the passes that are usually put around the rear-view mirror or stuck on vehicle windows and verify the vehicle. This saves them both time and effort that would otherwise be spent in personally verifying each driver.

Q. Who issues Monthly Parking Passes?


Monthly Parking Passes are usually issued by the authority that owns/manages the parking lot in question. This can be the municipality for public garages and parking facilities or private/public entities for workplaces, schools, hospitals, universities, etc. Every establishment may have different rules regarding monthly parking passes and it is recommended to check with the relevant body for more accurate information.

Q. What can workplaces with limited or no parking do to navigate parking problems?


Parking troubles can easily transform into a breeding ground for a variety of other troubles for any business. If not resolved, these can lead to reduced productivity, absenteeism, unhealthy work culture, and even high attrition. When expanding or creating a parking space may not be possible, there are a few other things that employers can do. One of these is carpooling.

Encouraging employees to carpool will not only lead to fewer parking space requirements but is also a rather environment-friendly approach to commuting to work. Another similar approach is promoting the use of public transport. This can be done by facilitating the purchase of passes, often at no or subsidized prices, covering such transportation by way of remuneration, and so on.

Another effective way can be turning parking woes into a game of sorts by having employees brainstorm neater and convenient transportation alternatives. Employers can also implement a rewards program to recognize employees who use better transportation modes, offer rides to colleagues, etc.

Q. How can I better manage my parking lot to prevent any sort of misuse?


Parking lots are often a preferred choice for loiterers, miscreants, and other similar elements. Preventing misuse of the lot can be a tricky task but a little proactiveness and a few steps can certainly help lower the risk. A well-lit and well-maintained parking lot usually attracts only the right kind of users. It is also always a good idea to have a security system in place in the form of guards or CCTV or preferably a mix of both.

Putting in a robust ticketing system is also crucial. You may even consider implementing time-based charges to ensure efficient vehicle rotation and discourage motorists from occupying parking spaces without a valid reason. Issuing permanent and temporary parking permits can be a great way of ensuring only verified users use your lot.

Q. Are workplaces required to provide handicap parking?


Yes, providing handicap parking is required on the part of employers. The minimum number of accessible parking spaces in a parking lot depends on the total number of spaces available in the lot in question. As per the ADA, lots with fewer than 25 spaces must have one accessible parking space. There should be an additional accessible space for every 25 to 50 spaces.

When this number gives above 500, the required number of accessible parking spots is 2 percent of the total number of spots. The ADA also specifies the features of and the location requirements for accessible parking spaces, which you may find in the resource linked above.

Q. How can providing parking prove beneficial for a retail establishment?


Given the ever-increasing competition from both physical and virtual retailers, businesses are more than ever pressed to achieve and maintain differentiation. Parking can be one way of achieving this. Unavailability of easily available and safe space to park vehicles can discourage customers to a great extent and prove rather advantageous for a competitor who provides this facility.

To give customers a hassle-free experience and gain an undeniable competitive advantage, retailers should provide a parking facility where possible. It can be further enhanced by coupling services such as valet and car wash. Such facilities can prove quite useful in increasing footsteps, improving loyalty, and amplifying sales.

Q. When are monthly parking passes useful?


Monthly parking passes are a cost-efficient and effective way to manage parking space and keep unauthorized vehicles out of the way. These are great for situations that demand a temporary or short-term solution to identify parking users. Such users can be temporary hires, visiting clients, faculty, and so on. Issuing these permits saves parking managers the hassle of questioning and verifying every such user. They may simply look at the pass that is often suspended from the front mirror or put on like a glass decal and decide whether to let the vehicle in or not.

Looking for Monthly Parking Passes?
Looking for Monthly Parking Passes?
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