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Guide to the Perfect Parking Permit Program

More than just a way to monitor parking privileges, parking permits have now emerged as a vital piece of your overall security initiative. Invariably, the permit label or tag is the public face of your program. Poor quality permits fade in the sun, are hard to verify and are easily copied. Professional permits not only reflect the importance of your organization’s security, but make the job of compliance easier. Follow these seven pointers in designing your next Permit. Click on each heading to learn more.
1. Add a Logo to Custom Hang Tags
Foster pride in your company. A distinctive logo is hard to copy. If you do not have a logo handy, use a distinctive type font for your organization’s name.
2. Number Your Permits
Keep track of who receives a permit. Also make sure that your numbers are as big as possible. You shouldn’t have to squint to read it.
3. Order Violation Stickers
The integrity of your program depends on enforcement. The first step is a warning. The second is your call. Order either parking tickets or one of our colorful violation stickers .
4. Give Instructions
As an important security document, you need to make sure that everyone knows the rules, how to handle lost permits and where to place the permit.
Parking Permits
5. Add a Date
Can you park here forever? The best designs add an expiration date and, if possible, the specific parking location (i.e. "East Lot"). Consider color-coding by year or by parking lot.
6. Choose the Right Material
Clear permits do not block the driver's view. Static cling labels are crystal clear and can be easily removed. Our hefty 35 mils polyethylene tag is virtually impossible to tear and outlasts heat and sun. Compare these with thin, laminated permits that can curl or be torn apart. Reflective permits are great for night-time inspection and are increasingly popular. Check out our specs for more information.
7. Use Signs to Reinforce Your Program
Emphasize that this is Private Property. Confirm that a permit is required. Make sure that your tow-away policy is clear. Take a look at some of our Parking Permit Signs to make a difference.