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What do savvy property owners want for their parking permit stickers?
  • • Easy to Order. Find over 100 templates and design your parking decals online. Takes just a few minutes.
  • • Affordable. Save over 50% over others when you buy direct. Just compare. Most orders ship in a day or two.
  • • Durable Materials. Find decals that outlast the bake-oven conditions of a car. Choose from eight different proven materials for the inside or outside of the vehicle. Request free samples.
  • • Hassle-Free. We have been making permit decals for over 30 years and 1,000’s of our parking sticker customers come back year after year.
  • • For more information, visit our - Parking Permit FAQs
Free Samples
"Touch and Feel” each sticker material yourself. Click here to request our comprehensive sample kit and material specification cards.
video thumb buttonTypes of Parking Permit Decalsvideo thumb frame
What material is best for your Parking Permit Stickers? With so many choices, it’s easy to get confused. So, start with a quick overview of each material from this short video.

Windshield Parking Decals – Select a Shape

Drill down by shape. We offer hundreds of easily customizable templates. Create your own professional design in a snap. Choose a shape, and select a design. Then, add your own text and pick a color.

Windshield Parking Decals - Best Sellers

Parking Labels - Design OS1
Customize This
Parking Labels - Design OS1
1.75" x 2" (h x w)
Parking Labels - Design CR2L
Customize This
Parking Labels - Design CR2L
3" x 3" (h x w)
Parking Labels - Design SQ1
Customize This
Parking Labels - Design SQ1
2" x 2" (h x w)
Parking Labels - Design LT2
Customize This
Parking Labels - Design LT2
2" x 3" (h x w)
Parking Labels - Design LT1
Customize This
Parking Labels - Design LT1
2" x 3" (h x w)

Short Videos on Popular Parking Decal Materials

See our decals in action. Videos make it easy to choose the right sticker material and adhesive for your permits.
video thumb buttonStatic Clingvideo thumb frame
Need a clean and residue-free solution for your labeling system. Check out our Static Cling Labels i...
video thumb buttonStatic Cling vs. Window Clingvideo thumb frame
Both static cling and window cling labels cling well, and are removed easily with no residue, but th...
video thumb buttonReflective Decals for Inside the Windowvideo thumb frame
Easy to apply, easy to remove, and feature the best visibility in dim light. Check out this quick de...
video thumb buttonReflective Decals for Bumpers and Outside of Windowvideo thumb frame
Reflectivity not only makes it easy to validate permits, but is a great safety feature for your driv...
video thumb buttonClear Vinyl Decals for Inside of Windowvideo thumb frame
Clear Vinyl Decals attach to the inside of your window and provide better visibility. Check out this...
video thumb buttonWhite Vinyl Decals for Inside of Windowvideo thumb frame
Need a window decal with no peel-off issues, high durability, and good night-time visibility? These ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need a few square parking stickers. Which size would you recommend?

We offer three sizes with our square parking stickers - 1.5" x 1.5", 2" x 2", and 3" x 3". The 3-inch sticker is the most popular size among our customers. You can have sufficient space for a company logo and text, serial numbering, and more stuff with more space. Smaller permits are recommended when the amount of text is less.

Q. Is there a difference between the materials of Windshield Decals and Mirror Parking Decals?

Windshield Decals come in a larger variety of material, including -
- WindowCling™ Removable - Vinyl
- WindowCling™ Repositionable - Polyester
- Static Cling - Clings onto glass without adhesive
- WindowCling™ Reflective - Engineer grade reflective film
- White Laminated Vinyl Permanent - 3 mil white vinyl
- TheftGuard™ Destructible Vinyl - Destructible vinyl designed to break apart
- Vinyl Clear
- Vinyl White
- Reflective Permanent - Engineer grade reflective film with permanent adhesive
- Destructible Holographic - Polyester
- Destructible Vinyl White
- Short Term Sticker (Plastic)
Mirror Decals, on the other hand, are available as:
- Vinyl Labels
- Holographic (Permanent) - Polyester
- Metallized Mylar (Permanent) - Polyester with thin metal coat
- Destructible Holographic - Polyester
- Reflective (Permanent) - Engineer grade reflective film

Q. Will you design permit stickers in a custom shape? What will be the minimum order quantity in that case?

Yes, we can custom die-cut any shape. Click on the "Special" shape from our ‘Select a Shape’ menu. You will have to choose a size for your stickers on the next screen. Popular sizes are -
up to 4 sq inch
up to 9 sq inch
up to 16 sq inch
After this, you will have to select a material depending on whether you would like to place the labels inside or outside the window.
The minimum order quantity for these custom parking permit stickers is 50 stickers.

Q. How do Static Cling Decals compare with Window Cling Decals?

The significant difference between Static Cling and Window Cling is that the former doesn’t come with an adhesive while the latter does. Both the labels are suitable for inside-the-window applications though.

StaticCling Labels: One side of the label has a static charge that enables it to cling to the glass using the ambient moisture in the air and glass. Since these labels have no adhesive, they do not leave any messy residue on the surface when they are removed or repositioned. These are made of plasticized vinyl and are 8 mil thick - much thicker than Window Cling.

WindowCling™ Labels: There are two types of WindowCling Labels - repositionable (3.6 mil thick) and removable (3 mil thick). The repositionable labels are better for slightly dirty windows and application at cold temperatures than static cling. These labels can be repositioned for up to 30 days, and labels can be cleanly removed after a year.

Q. What kind of adhesive comes with outside-of-window custom parking permit stickers?

Our outside-of-window custom parking permit stickers come with acrylic adhesive. Clear acrylic adhesive is aggressive and sticks to any clean spot on your car. Labels can not be transferred or repositioned. The adhesive is permanent and will leave a residue when removed.

Q. Do you have handicap parking permit stickers with the wheelchair symbol?

You can easily design your handicap parking permit stickers with the help of our customization tool. Just send us the wheelchair symbol of your choice, and we will print your stickers the way you want. A design proof will be sent to you for your approval. Click here for some in-stock Handicap Parking Permit Decal templates.

Q. How to send you my artwork for custom parking decals?

There are two ways - either upload the artwork soon after choosing your template or send us your design later via email to [email protected] or fax a sketch to 718-504-4448.
If you choose to send it later, customer service will contact you once the order is finished.
While uploading your art, your files are recommended to be smaller than 10MB. We accept various file-formats including .pdf,.eps,.cdr,.ai,.psd,.jpg,.tif,.gif,.bmp,.tif,.tiff,.jpeg,.png.

Q. What is the turnaround time for Custom Parking Permit Stickers?

The delivery time can vary between 2-7 business days, depending on the shipping method. Processing begins the day that you finalize your design. Your orders can be tracked in the My Account tab. Unless otherwise specified, all delivery dates are estimates only, and the expected ship date may change if additional art approval is required. Please contact our customer service department for shipping estimates to non-US destinations at (800) 952-1457.

Q. Will the color of my printed permits look different from the online image?

That’s a widespread concern among customers. And the answer is yes. Colors look much different on a computer screen made of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that make up pixels. Every pixel can display over 16 million colors. These colors are a part of the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color range, which comprises all colors in the visible spectrum of light.
The permits are printed in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) colors. Most of our printing methods utilize varying amounts of cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink to make up the different colors on your printed materials. That is why, if you design an RGB graphic on the web, it may not look the same if you try to print it.
We calibrate our printing machines to match a given PMS color to a CMYK color. Also, you can specify a PMS number or send us a physical color to match a particular color. For most materials, there is no extra charge for a special color match – but we will confirm this with you before printing.

Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Aug 11, 2022

Rectangular Windshield Parking... : Parking Labels - Design CD6
Part #: PP-3754 2" x 2.5" WindowCling™ Repositionable Decals (Clear) - Front Stick for Inside of Window   Verified Purchase

Good Product

Everything was very easy and the product was exactly what I expected.
Woman User Icon
Aug 05, 2022

Parking Labels > Circle 3" : Parking Labels - Design CR2L
Part #: PP-3653 3" x 3" WindowCling™ Repositionable Decals (Clear) - Front Stick for Inside of Window   Verified Purchase

LOVE the Colors of our decals!!

We love the colors of decals! The decals turned out better than we expected. We had a special request with our order, and MyParkingPermit came through! We will be ordering decals again next year and may look at other areas we can use decals instead of stickers.
Man User Icon
Aug 05, 2022

Parking Labels > 2" x 3" : Parking Labels - Design LL3
Part #: PP-3619 2" x 3" WindowCling™ Repositionable Decals (Clear) - Front Stick for Inside of Window   Verified Purchase

Don't hesitate - ORDER! :)

Amazing product - fast shipping - fantastic customer service!
Man User Icon
Aug 04, 2022

Square Windshield Parking Decals : Parking Labels - Design CS6
Part #: PP-3766 3" x 3" WindowCling™ Repositionable Decals (Clear) - Front Stick for Inside of Window   Verified Purchase

Great product

Great product and quality!
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Aug 03, 2022

Rectangular Windshield Parking... : Parking Labels - Design CD1
Part #: PP-3749 2" x 2.5" WindowCling™ Repositionable Decals (White) - Front Stick for Inside of Window   Verified Purchase

Excellent Work

They do a great job year after year :)