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Jumbo Blank Mirror Hang Tags, White 25/pack: Jumbo Blank ValueTag™. Do-it-Yourself Hanging Parking Permits (XM1001-JUMBO) Learn More...

Product Description

White Parking Jumbo Hang Tags are ideal for do-it-yourself permits and repeated use!

  • 15 Mil PVC Vinyl is our most popular white parking tag material. Handwrite or add a sticker to this tag. They can also printable using the envelope feed on many laser or inkjet printers (but test with your model).
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  • 3.5" x 7"
  • Hangers
  • Polyester
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  • Made from 15 mil rugged plastic. These rigid tags are flexible with no loss in durability.
  • Hangers can be used for a wide variety of applications. Our "cut-outs" are designed to fit over a broad range of rear view mirrors, door handles, pipes, and much more.
  • Each tag features a semi-glossy surface that resists wear, while rounded edges prevent fraying.
  • Writable surface allows you to display your message using a permanent pen or marker. Apply a label to the tag when you want to avoid sticking it on an unsuitable surface - perfect for tinted windows.
  • These durable hang tags let you write a custom message, in-field, for faster parking management.
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Size:3.5" x 7"
Material: Polyester
25 Tags/Pack
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