Frequently Asked Questions

 Design and Artwork

Q. I am not happy with the design that I see on the screen. Can you improve it?

Just make a note that you would like our art department to try our hand at your design. In most cases, our clients love the changes that we suggest. We will post a new design to the web site that you can see when you log into it (it will be under the My Designs area).

Q. Can I add [our company's name] to your parking tickets?

Yes, this is very easy. Just give us the information that you want and we can produce a proof for your approval. Also ask about our parking violation manila and NCR tags. These two-part tags can also be customized with your name.

Q. Can I order Parking Permits in Spanish? Can you print accents?

Yes, we can print your parking permit tag or window decal in any language. We have even made permits that are bilingual. For Spanish legends, we recommend that you type your message into Word first (and create the special characters, such as ñ, ó, ¿, é, ó) and then paste the Spanish legend into the field here. That way, your parking permit will have the correct accents.

Q. My logo appears to be fuzzy when I view in on the design. What is wrong?

Yes, this sounds like a problem. We can only print to the quality of the image. Please see if you can find a version of your logo with a higher quality or resolution. Permits always look better if your logo is crisp. If not, and in most cases, we can help clean your logo up and help make your parking permit look better.

Q. I do not see a [parking permit] template that I want. Can you create one for me?

Our programmers can add a parking permit or window decal template just for you. We can place your parking permit template under the 'My Designs' area.

Q. We have a special color. Can you match it?

Many of our customers ask for a specific color. Specify a PMS number or send us a color chip to match. For most materials, there is no extra charge for a special color match – but we will confirm this with you prior to printing.

Q. I want to print the person's name and specific number onto their parking permit? Can you do this for us?

Just email us an XLS file with this information. We can digitally print this unique data right onto your parking permit. There may be a slight extra charge – but you should find the extra cost quite reasonable for the added benefit.

Q. I have my own design. Can I ask you to print it?

Of course. You can use the Online Quote feature to get a quote and then, if you want, upload the camera-ready file to us. We also have some templates, in EPS form, that can be used to provide some guidance. These forms show you the dimensions and outline for the tags and labels.

 How to Use Our Products

Q. Should our parking permit labels go on the outside or the inside of the car window?

Most parking administrators design their permits to fit on the inside of a car window. That way, the decals cannot be defaced or stolen. Our innovative WindowCling™ permits stick on the inside of the window – yet they can be cleanly and easily removed. They can also be reapplied to another car, should the driver switch vehicles.

Q. Is it safe to hang large parking permits that can block a driver's view?

Our parking permit hang tags have been updated to fit on the latest vehicle models. Older permits might have worked for your old '72 Pinto, but mirrors have changed, and our permits have changed with them.

Our unique shapes are designed to accommodate all models. In addition to our large hang tags, we also offer mini and horizontal models that allow for a greater degree of visibility. If it is important to have maximum visibility, try our parking permit decals that stick directly to the windshield. Otherwise, recommend to your member that they should remove the tag before operating the vehicle.

Q. Do you stick the static cling labels on the inside or outside?

Most static cling parking permits are stuck on the inside of your window, with the print properly readable from the outside. That way, someone cannot easily steal the permit. There are certain vehicle graphics, however, that can be made from static cling material that is stuck on the outside of a window. Similarly, we also manufacture many window decals that are visible from both sides of a window. We print the same design on both sides of the window decal.

Q. Some of our students drive a van and the van has no inside mirrors. How can they use our parking permit that would usually hang from the rearview mirror?

Order suction cups with your permit tags. Most of our hanging permit tags have a small hole that accommodates a suction cup. The student can then insert the suction cup into the hole and then place the tag on the inside of the van's side window.

Q. How do I remove one of the adhesive window decals?

Many of our label materials are semi-permanent – they can be removed by just lifting a corner. Our bumper stickers, for example, are removable up to year of initial application. Our permanent adhesive labels require a bit of work to remove. Start by heating the label. Put the car in the sunshine or use a hair dryer. Start with a corner of the label. Many use their fingernail; a knife or even thin credit card works well, too. Once the label is stripped away, you can use regular rubbing alcohol to remove any residue of adhesive remaining. For really tough applications, a small dab of nail polish remover (acetone) can be used.

Q. Where should we adhere the parking permit decals?

Although you will see parking permits in different spots on a car, most customers prefer the position on the front windshield in the lower right hand corner (e.g. the passenger's side) or a back-seat window. Consistency is also important. Convey the proper parking permit label location to all users. Make it easy for your security staff can quickly find the permits. Also make sure not to block the driver’s view.

 Ordering Questions

Q. Can I create a unique design for my parking permits? Can they be custom-altered?

Yes! Our new modular parking permits allow you to choose specific parts and designs to be printed (or moved) on your parking permits. Modular design allows you to alter your permits whenever you need to, and create a truly custom design that is unlike any other permit. Choose your own message, numbering and graphics in a way unlike any parking permit you've seen before.

Q. I'm interested in a few designs, but am concerned that people will be able to order fake permits. Is this possible?

Every permit we make has a unique number that will never be reproduced. Nobody will ever be able to order the same permit sequence as yours, because we will never produce it again. Rest assured that your permit numbering sequence is unique for both custom and in-stock permits. We also offer a number of anti-theft features other than unique numbering, such as hologram parking permits, embedded print that is printed underneath a layer of plastic, and photo parking permits that are near impossible to reproduce. With all of these features, it is easy to make a secure parking system with permits that are unique and not to be reproduced.

Q. Can anybody order Handicapped Permits and ADA Parking Permits?

No – it’s not possible for just anyone to order a Handicapped Parking Permit. The rules are set by your state or local government. In fact, see our page How to Get a Handicap Parking Permit for a full explanation of what you need to do to obtain a permit. Our customer service personnel will also be happy to give you more information about obtaining authenticated handicapped parking permits. As you can imagine, these permits are not sold to individuals. If you have a private property and are allowed to issue or receive restricted permits, contact us for more information and we will help you get everything you need. For critical applications, it is best to design custom handicapped permits or to control your handicapped parking with unique permit numbers that are easy to trace by your organization.

Q. We have various locations that all need parking permits. Each location has a different design. Can you help organize this for us?

We can create a corporate-wide ordering site for you. There can be a unique template for each location. That way, each user can choose their special design.

Q. We must issue only a handful of handicapped parking permits over a month. Do you offer these?

We offer a range of in-stock permits that can be issued to vehicles that qualify for special parking privileges.

Q. We want to give parking permits to some of the contractors working here that expire after a month or two? We don't want to keep on ordering a batch of permits for each month. Are there temporary permits that can set an expiration date that cannot be changed by the driver?

Our innovative "Scratch-Off" parking permit is an ideal solution. Your security officer just scratches off the coating to indicate the expiration month, day and year. It is easy to spot anyone that tries to manipulate the expiration date. The permit is invalid if more than one date is exposed.

Q. We need an automatic way to read our permits. Do you offer bar-coded parking permit hangtags?

Yes, we do. Yet, note that it is difficult to read a bar-code, no matter how large, though a windshield. Tags are often at an angle and metallized windows can cause some distortion. Instead, customers remove their permit and swipe it in a portable reader (often at the gate to the lot). It is more common to see bar-coded parking permit decals. In addition, we offer RFID versions of our parking permit. These can be easily read from a distance and through a window.

Please call and we can help you design your custom bar-coded or RFID parking permit.

Q. How can I obtain a disabled parking permit for my apartment complex? What approvals do I need?

Our customer service department will contact the owner or manager of your apartment or property. Disabled parking permits must be authenticated before we will process the order. It then becomes the responsibility of the property owner or manager to validate legitimate users. In general, we do not ship disabled or handicapped parking permits to individuals.

In certain cases, the property owner will issue a disabled parking pass for their particular property only if the driver has a legitimate state disabled parking pass. In this case, the regular property pass may be used in conjunction with a state pass. Or, the property owner may often decided to use their own disabled pass.

In many other cases, the property owner may not be quite as stringent regarding requirements for official state disabled permission. In some states, the disabled parking permit rules can be a bit cumbersome and the permits may take too much time to arrive. For example, there may be just a short term condition (such as a recent operation or, even birth). Accordingly, we have many hospital, school or property customers that order their own disabled parking permits to selected drivers or residents.

 Product Questions

Q. How does static cling work?

These work through electromagnetism. Heavily plasticized vinyl is relatively positively charged and this is attracted to the relatively negative charges found on a metal or glass surface. Static cling labels do not require traditional rubber or acrylic adhesives.

Q. Our bumper sticker permits go through a lot of wear and tear on the beach. What do you recommend for a tougher parking permit?

We highly recommend our AlumiGuard™ decals, which are made from durable aluminum that will never rust or corrode in outdoor conditions. The labels stick to almost any surface easily, and can handle rain, salt, and tough outside conditions that many cars face. These labels won't fade like other labels, and can last for many years to come.

Q. What is the difference between static cling and window cling permits?

Static cling parking decals stick on the inside of the window. They stay in place, yet are easily removed. Static cling permits, for example, can be moved from one car to the next. Crystal clear window cling labels can be put on the outside or inside of your window.

Both static cling and window cling permits are easily repositionable, and can be removed without messy adhesives or scraping.

Q. It's important that my permits can be seen from a distance. Are there parking permits that are compact, but are easily visible?

Yes! Our Big Number parking permits feature extra-large numbers and lettering that can be seen from security vehicles and more!

Also, our brightly colored permits grab attention. With a bold color and large text, we give you the best combination of compact-sized parking permits and highly visible letters and numbers. There are no extra charges to add numbers to your parking permits, and all of the numbering is consecutive and unique, so you'll never have to worry about duplicates.

We also offer permits with glow-in-the-dark numbering for even better nighttime visibility. At night, the date of the permit glows brightly and acts as a validating watermark for the parking permit tag.

Q. Do you use a standard color coding or a unique color scheme for monthly permits?

For many of our custom tags, we offer the option to upload your custom logo and color scheme for a truly unique custom permit. As always, we'll take camera-ready files and use them to create your own set of parking permits. While there is no set standard for designating monthly permits, our color-coded permits are organized as such:

January/July: Salmon
February/August: Blue
March/September: Yellow
April/October: Green
May/November: Pink
June/December: White

Learn more.

Q. What is the most durable parking permit that you offer? They need to last for four years.

The simplest solution is to use our AlumiGuard™ parking permits. Fastened to the car's bumper, these aluminum parking tags, are weatherproof and can withstand countless trips through a car wash, steam wash, etc. The print on these parking permits is embedded within the pores of the aluminum. These aluminum permits outlast all others.

Q. I want to apply a temporary sticker to the body of the car. What do you recommend?

Static cling may stick to the metal surfaces of a car or a bumper, but be aware that was or dirt causes real problems. As a result, we recommend the use of one of our adhesive vinyl materials. Some are removable and would be suitable for you.

Q. Would the labels come off when the windshield wiper runs over it?

We do not recommend placing a windshield decal in the stroke path of the wiper on the outside of the window. Apply the label on the inside (using a decal with a face adhesive or 'front stick' if you want to use a static cling version).

Q. Why do some of your parking permit tags have a hole at the top?

This hole can be used for suction cups – which can be ordered separately. The suction cups are a good option when a car has not interior (rearview) mirror. Certain vans, for example, do not have a rearview mirror.

Q. What is a front stick label?

This is a label that applies to the inside of a piece of glass with the graphics facing out. The clear adhesive is on the front of the label. You can see the label from the outside of the car, but the glass protects the label from being damaged by weather, a vandal or anyone on the outside. To apply a face stick label, just remove the liner and stick the label to the glass. It will not set right away, so if you make a mistake you can reapply it elsewhere. We even have a video to show you how to apply the label.