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Parking Permit Decals: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are parking permit decals?


Parking permit decals are adhesive stickers designed to aid in the easy identification and validation of parking lot users. These are effective parking lot management solutions usually applied on vehicle windows or bumpers. Available in various materials and formats, these decals usually display an identification number, license number, validity and may also include other details such as organization/facility name, logo, etc.

Q. When are parking permit decals useful?


Parking permit decals are adhesive solutions designed to uncomplicate and improve parking lot management. These decals help identify who may or may not park and are suitable for identifying habitual/frequent users. These decals save time for drivers and parking lot staff and ensure smooth operations without compromising safety and security. Once installed, parking permit decals stay in place unless deliberately removed and do not run the risk of accidentally coming off or getting misplaced.

Q. Are parking permit decals better than parking hang tags?


There’s no good or better when it comes to parking decals, and parking hang tags. These are meant to meet different applications and requirements but serve the main overall objective of identifying users, preventing unauthorized access, and ensuring a safe parking space. Where parking hang tags present a more flexible parking control option, parking permit decals are comparatively more permanent. Suspended from the front mirror are more suited for temporary users such as visitors, guests, customers, etc. Parking permit decals are adhesive and work well to identify the regular users of a parking lot, such as staff, students, faculty, and so on.

Q. How are special shape parking permit decals useful?


Special shape parking permit decals such as dome, ball, octagon, etc., help you go beyond standard designs and choose options that can complement your decor, architecture, what your business stands for, etc. Special shapes are also easier to spot and difficult to counterfeit. These make the job of the parking staff less complex and more manageable with buffer efficiency.

Q. What steps can parking lot managers adopt for better parking lot management?


A well-managed parking lot is a more secure parking lot that promises hassle-free operations. While managing these spaces can seem like a herculean task, introducing some tools can simplify things comparatively. Security can be ensured by adopting a robust parking management system, preferably automated and supported by well-trained staff. User identification with the help of parking permits and decals can prevent unauthorized use and misuse of the lot for illegal/unwelcome activities.

Bigger parking lots in large campuses, such as hospitals, schools, etc., may utilize shuttles to ensure user convenience as not many users may always find a spot close to their destination. Further, installing strategically placed CCTVs and setting up a monitoring unit can go a long way in ensuring an ever safer parking area. Proper lighting, regular maintenance, and quick damage repair are also essential elements of a well-maintained and easy-to-manage parking lot.

Looking for Parking Permit Decals?
Looking for Parking Permit Decals?
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