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Holographic Parking Permits: Frequently Asked Questions


Hologram Parking Permits are simply parking permits with a hologram. A hologram, on the other hand, can be defined as a 2D surface that can scatter light in such a way as to look like a 3D shape outside the plane of the surface when hit by a source of light. Holograms make the forgery of parking permits more difficult.


There are no separate laws on the usage of Holographic Handicap Parking Permits. If the state or a private organization issuing the handicap parking permit uses a Holographic Handicap Parking Permit system, the users will have to display the same to avoid a parking ticket. . Many states do have a hologram on their disabled permits to indicate whether they are real or fake.

General laws governing the use of Handicap Parking Permits apply to holographic permits as well. And since each state has its own laws on the use of handicap parking permits, it is best to check with your local DMV for the exact specifications.


Not just businesses, hospitals, universities, schools, churches, and many others can use a combination of these features on their parking permits to prevent the use of fake or copied parking permits -

- Special shapes - Permits in die-cut, special shapes are difficult to replicate.

- Reflective materials - Reflective material on the permit is difficult to reproduce. That’s something that a printer or a copier cannot do.

- Consecutive numbering - This makes it easy to see to whom the permit was issued by checking the database and matching the numbers. Any kind of misuse can be easily tracked.

- Holograms - Decals and hang tags with holograms are a great way to stop people from using fake permits. Holograms self-destruct when anybody tries to reuse the permit.

- Company logo - Adding your organization’s logo or a unique graphic to your parking stickers and hang tags makes them easier to identify and harder to counterfeit.

- Personalized text and color scheme - The more personalized a parking permit is, the less inimitable it becomes. Color-coding parking permits make it easy to identify vehicles with the wrong color.

- Expiration Dates - When parking permits are issued for an exact time (annually, monthly, etc), misuse and abuse become difficult.


There are two major benefits of Holographic Parking Permits:

- Battles Counterfeiting: Holograms cannot be optically scanned by a computer and cannot be reproduced with a photocopier.
- Quick Authentication: Holograms are a quick and easy means of optical validation of legitimate parking permits.


Yes. When parking spaces are limited, misuse of the space is bound to happen. Due to the significant improvements in digital imaging technology and do-it-yourself printing, parking permit fraud has become easy too.

However, a tamper-proof parking permit system strongly controls the limited parking spaces and makes sure criminals are discouraged. Holographic Parking Permits are a great deterrent to counterfeiting because they are harder to duplicate and non-transferable.

Also, since these holograms are very easy to spot they aid the parking lot administrators or guards, for whom it is difficult to check the parking permits carefully, and differentiate between real and fake permits.

Looking for Holographic Parking Passes?
Looking for Holographic Parking Passes?
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