Part# PP-2020
Size 2" x 3" (H x W)
Color Green
Package 1 Decal
Material Reflective Bumper Sticker Permits [BZB-EG-S]
Printing Digital

Reflective Vinyl Parking Permit, with Numbering, Permanent Back Adhesive, Green 

Reflective Green Parking Permit for Outside of Car Window, Sequentially Numbered

Package : 1 Decal • Price per Decal
Minimum Qty. 50 • Order in Multiples of 50 Decal
50 100 150 250 500 1,000
$1.84 $1.68 $1.23 84¢ 47¢ 31¢
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Product Description
You need a permit that stands out, even at night. Reflective self-adhesive parking permits are the ultimate solution for your parking system.

• These permits feature an adhesive backing for easy adhesion.

• Permits feature a metallic reflective material for visibility, day or night.

• Permits are sequentially numbered.

• Perfect for reorders - YOU select the starting number so every permit will be unique.

• Labels are back-stick and use them on the outside of your window.

Material Features Show Specifications
Product Dimensions
Size:   5"x8"
Part#:  D-2058
Min. Order: 1  Pack
Size:   5"x8"
Part#:  D-2053
Min. Order: 1  Pack
Size:   12" x 18" (H x W)
Part#:  K-2353
Min. Order: 1  Sign
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