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Parking Hang Tags

Parking is always a big issue at places, such as government offices, corporate houses, colleges and universities where large number of visitors arrive daily. Parking permits are issued for well-regulated parking systems. Parking permits also strengthen security by restricting unauthorized vehicles and people from entering any premises. High-security zones implement parking permits very strictly to avoid any untoward incident.

Benefits of Plastic Parking Hang Tags

Plastic Parking Hang Tags are long lasting as they cannot be torn. Plastic parking hang tags are widely used by parking authorities. Plastic parking hang tags can be hanged in the car in a way that it is clearly visible to the person on duty at the parking. The plastic permit hang tags do not obstruct the view of the driver. Moreover these hang tags are very useful for the car owners who have multiple cars as they can be easily moved to other cars i.e. you can get one plastic parking hang tag permit and use it in the car they want to use.

Plastic permit hang tags are very useful for implementing a perfect parking permit program to supervise parking systems. But this is possible only if you use plastic parking hang tags that are designed in a way that they cannot be easily forged and copied.

Plastic Parking Hang Tags @ is an online store that offers various parking permit tags. You can buy plastic parking hang tags from us and implement a permit based parking security system effectively. Only the persons with the permit tags issued by you will be allowed to park vehicles in the building. Take a look at Parking Hang Tags that we offer:

  • Scratch-off Permit Parking hang tags: These permit tags are screen printed on 20 mil thick polyethylene.
  • EMT parking permit tag: These fluorescent orange parking hang tags use a highly reflective material so that they can be easily located during might or rain.

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