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No Parking Sticker
Part# D-2057
Size 5" x 8" (H x W)
Color Black & Red
Package 50 Stickers/Pack
Material Removable Stickers [DE-K-R-LITHO]
Contents Printed onto Removable White Stock

No Parking. Not 5 Minutes. Not 30 Seconds. Not At All! 

5" x 8" Removable Parking Violation Stickers

Package : 50 Stickers/Pack • Price per Pack
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Pack
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Product Description
There are No Exceptions! Parking violation stickers show that parking here, no matter how short a time, is not allowed.

• Forceful message is hard to ignore. Any violation can cause trouble.

• Parking violation stickers use a removable adhesive that sticks well to the window, but can also be peeled off by the driver. You warn, but not needlessly aggravate the driver. Customers find that this sticker is a great first warning. The next step is quite a bit more serious.

• For convenience, these stickers are sold in packs of only 50.

Material Features
Material: Removable Stickers [DE-K-R-LITHO]

• Cling-It paper labels have a removable adhesive. Labels fully adhere to car windows, but can also be removed without scraping.

• Printed flexographically with lightfast inks that resist fading when exposed to sunlight.

• Write on this paper label material using a pencil, permanent marker or ball-point pen.

• Labels have a peel-off tab. That makes it easy to remove the paper liner. Paper liner has a convenient form that can also be filled out with the date and the violator's license number - for a handy office record.

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